BC Scene

The arts and culture of British Columbia come to Ottawa/Gatineau

April 21 to May 3, 2009

Play with B.C. Wine

April 22, 2009, 7pm

Play Food & Wine

1 York Street, Ottawa

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Play Food & Wine

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Come out to Play! Join BC Scene, Stephen Beckta and Vincor for a fabulous wine tasting evening at Beckta’s hip new restaurant, Play Food & Wine. Hosted by a sommelier, this evening will expand your wine know-how, thrill your palate with many of the best wines that B.C. has to offer and tantalize your taste buds with canapés from the kitchens at Play Food & Wine.

B.C. is a small but fine wine-producing region. There are single vineyards in some parts of the world that produce more wine than all of B.C.’s vineyards combined. But B.C. winemakers believe that wine made on a small scale offers greater access to the strengths of the land. B.C. is also a young wine-producing region, which means that it can borrow the best practices from around the world and attract skilled winemakers from across the globe. It is at the northernmost point for vine growing and wine making, which many people say enhances the grapes’ quality, as the vines’ struggle to produce ripe fruit each short season concentrates flavours and sugars.

Don’t miss this chance to learn about some of the excellent wines now being produced in B.C., from vineyards such as Osoyoos Larose, Nk’Mip, See Ya Later Ranch and Sumac Ridge.

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Imagine 600 artists from B.C. representing all disciplines, performing in the national spotlight on the stages of Ottawa/Gatineau: that's BC Scene, presented by the National Arts Centre, spring 2009.

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