BC Scene

The arts and culture of British Columbia come to Ottawa/Gatineau

April 21 to May 3, 2009

B.C. Shorts / Film Event

April 28, 2009, 8pm

Library and Archives Canada - Auditorium

395 Wellington Street, Ottawa

Free Event

No Bikini

Curated by Terry McEvoy, Canadian Images Programmer at the Vancouver International Film Festival, this program of independent film and video offers a wildly eclectic snapshot of contemporary B.C. media artists.

Windfisherman, Anna McRoberts
In the windiest town in the world there lives a man who ‘fishes’ for things that have blown away. Even though it is in his blood, it is not in his heart, until he learns one of life’s most valuable lessons. (12 min.)

The Sparkle Lite Motel, Cory Kinney
Newlyweds George and Anna plan bliss at the Sparkle Lite Motel, but their honeymoon suite has other plans for them. (16 min.)

Regarding Sarah, Michelle Porter
An elderly woman desperately tries to record her life before she forgets it. (14 min.)

Headshot, Dennis Heaton
What Todd thinks is an ordinary audition is actually for the lead in a snuff film. Then he finds out he’s not getting the part. (7 min.)

M.O.O.D., Ann Marie Fleming
Ann Marie Fleming animates desire with whimsy and wit. (2 min.)

No Bikini, Claudia Morgado Escanilla
Robin takes us back to that glorious summer when she was seven and reveals how it defined her spirit for the rest of her life. (9 min.)

Power Lunch, Ben Ratner
An American and a Canadian walk into a bar – but who will pay the bill in this spicy socio-political comedy? (9 min.)

Paul Pontius, Jesse McKeown
20 years sober, ‘born-again’ Christian Paul Pontius attempts to reconnect with God by intentionally falling off the wagon. (21 min.)

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Imagine 600 artists from B.C. representing all disciplines, performing in the national spotlight on the stages of Ottawa/Gatineau: that's BC Scene, presented by the National Arts Centre, spring 2009.

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